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Have you ever found yourself in a creative rut? How did you get out of it? And if you’re in one right now, what tools can you use to create change? I recently received a question via the text community asking about overcoming hard days. As we close mental health awareness month, I wanted to share a few thoughts based on what’s worked for me, with the hope to bring some value to you....

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A short guide to Wedding Photograpy

Professional wedding photographers are responsible for capturing all the best shots at a wedding ceremony. To succeed in the wedding photography business, you need to have patience and quick reflexes. You’ll need to spend your time observing the guests and waiting for special moments to capture on this emotional, meaningful day.

Tips for Fashion Photography

Fashion photography is the intersection of several genres. A combination of product, portrait, and even fine art photography, fashion photography is a genre where art and commerce meet. “Fashion photography is the way a photographer uses their own eye and perspective to highlight, curate, or speak to anything in the fashion industry,” says photographer Flo Ngala. “There’s such a wide range of fashion photography — ecommerce style with studio lighting, shoots outside in the desert, or the streets of New York City.The essence of fashion photography is storytelling. And the possibilities are endless when it comes to how you tell it. “The most successful fashion photographers, everything they do has a story,” says photographer Grace Rivera. “And the best part is, you can change the narrative anytime you want. There are no rules except to have a story in mind.” Delve into these tips from experts to start exploring this art form.

Babies and Photography

Everyone loves cute photos, and few things are cuter than a tiny baby. Newborn photography captures babies at their most peaceful and “aww!”-worthy moments. It can be one of the most rewarding assignments a professional photographer can have. But working with subjects that can’t take direction means newborn studio sessions require planning and care. “You’ve got to have patience,” says photographer Natalie Buck. “It looks fun, but you have to be ready to get pooped on.

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